You might wonder why I have put this site up (it was for a long time a simple blog) especially when a professional presence is all about Linkedin. So, why don’t I stick to my Linkedin page then? Well, first of all, it is nice to be in control of how I want to display my expertise rather than have to submit to how Linkedin Microsoft want it to happen. And from time to time, I like to tinker with the whole wordpress thing. That’s probably the inner and repressed geek in me. See what I can or can not do with CSS, WordPress, etc….

Secondly, for my own personal benefit. To cement my knowledge as it has been proven that writing things down fires up a part of the brain that helps retaining learning. I am not in the sales training business. But I have been through it and gained great value as I was not coming from a sales background. I actually thought sales was easy and that the product / technology was the most essential part of a successful company (the infamous “Build it, they’ll come”). However, after struggling with sales in start-ups, I came to realise that sales isn’t just about building relationships. Relationships are important but that is not all of it. I came to realise that, whilst sales is mostly about interacting with people in an efficient manner (like most things in life), it is also very methodical. There is a way to do things well and “meeting for coffee” isn’t the main thing. Writing things up has made me absorbing sales technics much more efficiently.

And i know learning is a continuous process. I am still improving and working on getting better. Constantly on the hunt for good book to read, good ideas to improve, etc…

But I digress. Why this site did you ask. Well, beyond the benefit of retaining knowledge, simply to share what I have learned and what I practice for those who might find it relevant and (maybe even) useful. If you want to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below or via a social mean on Twitter here or on Linkedin here (if you look me up, don’t be a stranger, say hello or send a connect request specifying you come from here :) ).

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to get in touch to get to know what we are respectively doing (it all start with a conversation as they say) and happy selling!

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