How to achieve predictable revenues – Video

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I am sometimes asked for some good books to read about sales. If the specific issue at hand is about prospecting, one which is worth knowing about is called “Predictable revenues” by Aaron Ross. It presents the lead generation process that has been implemented within SalesForce around 2004 and helped the company grow to $100,000Mn+. Prospecting is key for young businesses, especially as they can not rely on growing revenues from existing clients or referrals. Or for companies entering a new market. And as many other parts of a company operation, to have a process for prospecting is important (#understatement).… Read the rest

I am in sales ergo I prospect

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Prospecting. An activity which more often than not isn’t really appreciated, both by sales people and those at the other end (maybe because they have some pre-conceived idea?). Concentrating on the negative feeling sales people have, it could be because it comes along with the fear of “rejection”. Add to this the growing belief that to prospect, i.e. to contact people from cold is “dead” as content marketing and social are the ways for organisations to generate inbound leads. I keep reading “outbound is dead”. I personally believe there is a lot of value to have both inbound marketing and outbound sales effort combined together.… Read the rest

Is partnering the get out of jail card?

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Last month I met an entrepreneur with a good, albeit early stage business. He went through the product market fit and refined both products and target market. He had secured his first few customers. Whilst his product was targeted at organisations of different sizes, from mid to very large sizes, he wanted to focus on large corporates. His background was in marketing, he had a range of contacts and relationships with marketing agencies that, in turn, had a lot of large corporate clients. So he naturally thought the best way to reach his potential clients would be to use sales partner.… Read the rest