Empathy: or how to connect with people you communicate with.

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Dale Carnegie. Master of cold emailing before his time?

Are you cold mailing people? Are you talking to customers on email, face to face or on the phone? Are you actually communicating with your boss, wife, customers? No? Well, you can close this page, this post is not for you. If you are, read on.


Good to see you are still here. You must be communicating with people then :). I will make it short. If you are in sales and read some of these posts, you have realised/know/experienced that all conversations should be centred on the problems of the prospect. The problem, how to address it, who is impacted by the problem, etc… should be the lynchpin of all the conversation with a prospect during the sales process. It needs to be well done with nice round way of positioning things (i.e. avoiding hard words about pains and problem) but is simply called empathy. In the context of prospection, how many times do we receive cold email full with “I”, “we”, etc… Being pro-active and prospecting is great. It is even necessary. But to be pro-active and to centre the conversation on the client issue, i.e. with empathy, rather than how great one company is, is even more powerful.

Dale Carnegie wrote a brilliant critic of a cold email and why it drastically lacked empathy. Well, actually, it was a cold letter. Because email didn’t exist when Dale wrote this critic. So, whilst Dale’s piece is old, it is oh so still relevant! An absolute must read: here.



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