It’s all about the process…

I only do one thing. Sell for technology companies. A few years ago, I thought, like many people, that Sales was just a matter of being able to get along with people and do nice presentations. I learnt, the hard way, that Sales is actually rather technical. And I do not mean that one need to be able to articulate the intricacies of a technology product. There is a need of a process to implement. Otherwise, one falls in the process of the prospect which, amongst other things, is about answering product or pricing questions. Missing a range of crucial information that are actually at the core of a prospect decision process.

Furthermore, organisations have to handle a lot of various priorities, especially young technology based companies. Test a new market. Test a new feature. A new value proposition, etc….To be efficient, a Sales organisation needs to have recurring processes that constantly generate new business and secure existing one. Without getting distracted by the other priorities conflicting for attention. So there are tools, processes and technics to do so.

So, when I write (here), I write practical posts about the two processes I see are vital for a successful Sales organisation. One company wide process that makes sure the top of the pipe is constantly filled up with new opportunities. And that all things are running smoothly: prospection, the right incentives, reporting, sales ops, etc… The second process I also write about is the one that need to exist when interacting on a 1-2-1 basis with prospect(s). This is a mix of soft skills and frameworks that, amongst other things, are used to avoid having loads of “interesting meetings” with no clear path to a yes or a no decision.

Have a poke around and if you find anything worth getting in touch about, don’t hesitate to get in touch!