I use this blog primarily as a way to share perspective I have on the fascinating field of sales and, selfishly, to actually be more efficient. Indeed, I feel that writing things up helps crystallise some thoughts and get more efficient. I thought it would be also worth to use it as a small marketing leaflet. I do not optimise this site (many people live off blogging about sales, I don’t; this blog is just a “violon d’Ingres” for me). So chances are that, if you come here we know each other in one way or another. If we don’t, you might be interested to read some feedback from people I am or have been working with:

Company chairman (AI tech): Hervé is an energetic and customer focused team player. He refocused our activities towards customers, attractiveness and sales acquisition within days. Hervé brought with him tools and processes to automatize and scale up our outbound activities. He is at the same time a doer, a coach and a strategist, which makes him very valuable for a startup like ours.
I specially appreciated his clear focus around “customer first” and his motivation to share his knowledge and to develop our team. I really enjoyed working with Hervé and look forward to do it again. I’m very happy to provide him with a warm recommendation

Start-up CEO (Analytics): Hervé was hired to help us to define and deliver market opportunities in the area of big data insights products. He was extremely proactive and used his extensive network to generate significant business opportunities within major organisations. We continue to benefit from such opportunities today.

CDO (AI technology): I could tell from week 1 how Hervé is great at implementing sales processes from the ground up, opening doors, working across every timezones and with every companies, from tier-one banks to small startups, while making our team, product and, at the end of the day, company better. Yes, I could and, obviously, I do on a daily basis. But more interesting is that he is able to positively interact with me and our users (eg: data scientists and analysts) and knows challenges related to ML, AI and self serve analytics. We are seeing how Hervé is the right person when it comes to put other people in motion, at a fast-pace. With a technology mindset, important in our analytic field, he can ask (and get!) more, never pushing people too hard and always giving valuable advices / explanations / tricks.

CEO: Hervé is a great team player and brings a really result driven dynamic within a start-up organisation. His understanding of both the French and British culture is a great asset, especially in helping understand the competitive landscape and developing commercial approach for large, international organisations.

COO / Start-up co-founder (Digital platform): Hervé is not only very hands on and operational but also a great strategic perspective. He adapted our value proposition to make it aligned with demands of digitally focused buyers but was also very effective in implement radically new go to market processes.

Start-up CEO (ML platform): Hervé has been simply invaluable to get us forward – from getting the first paying clients, to the many dozens of conversations he generated with small and large prospects to understand product/market fit, to the commercial and product insight. Among other things, he is very creative in his approach to business development and sales, extremely driven and committed, and a pleasure to work with

Analytics director US (big data analytics): Hervé joined us to help explore the potential for expanding our business model to international markets. Despite the incredible challenges associated with this task, he channeled his creative spirit and fought hard to make this happen. I would recommend Hervé for any role that requires ingenuity and relationship building to achieve growth for an organization